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Magnus James Digital and Technology division provide contract and permanent recruitment solutions across a variety of sectors; specialising in digital, creative, ecommerce, IT transformation and marketing in particular.

Our experience of the information technology market enables us to give professional and accurate advice, ensuring the approach we agree to take delivers the right candidate for your business at the right time.

Our consultants are leaders in their fields and are rewarded according to their excellence, to ensure our clients can always work with people they know and trust.

We strongly believe in diversity and inclusion when it comes to growing your teams.  Studies have shown that companies who put this as a priority when recruiting are more likely to experience better financial returns, which is why many of our clients are now looking to improve diversification in their organisation

We offer specialist services in the following disciplines

Business Analysts

Business Analysts are key to the performance and improvement of business that want to stay ahead or at least keep up with the competition.

Business Analysts will understand what changes need to be made to move the company forward. They will be able to analyse what is need to make this changes and will assist with the delivery of the requirements with the stakeholders.

With an ever evolving market a high percentage of our clients are employing the services of business analysts either on a permanent or freelance basis.

Magnus James has a huge network of Business Analysts who have experience in all industries so we can add real value to our clients in any given field.

IT and Business Transformation

IT and Business Transformation represent a dramatic change in the business processes and technologies a company employs to achieve its overall business goals.

Today the CIO and the IT department are not just responsible for installing technology that supports the current business process. They are pivotal in helping their business to use new technology to shape the business strategy for tomorrow’s success.

Having a clear cut IT Strategy can be the reason for clear competitive advantage, and a key factor of success. With companies looking to pioneer the way in their industry they need to be on top of the emerging technologies to keep ahead of the competition.

With new technologies landing in the market all the time, CIO’s need to stay up to date with what is new and what can help take their business to the next level. Whether it be an early adopter of a new technology or a fast follower, companies to need to stay up to date or face the fear of being left behind.

Magnus James are experts in this area and supply permanent and contract members of staff to Global Consultancies and direct to industry clients.

Project Managers

Every Project needs a good Project Manager. A good Project Manager can mean the difference between a failed and successful project. A good Project Manager is key for a project to be delivered successfully on time and within budget.

Magnus James’s specialise in placing Project Managers into both Consultancies and industry clients across all industries on both permanent and contract basis.

The Project Managers we provide have specific industry experience which adds huge value as they know the ins and outs of the particular industry. They will have delivered numerous projects previously so will know what obstacles may lie in the way and most importantly have tried and tested methods to either bypass these obstacles or at least methods to overcome them.

IT Security

IT Security or Cyber Security is big business. It is one of the most imports things for a company to have in place.
It is the protection of a company’s information systems from theft or damage, this can be either to the hardware or software as well as the information held on them.

Not having a good security solution in place to protect against threats can be catastrophic and has in the past cost companies millions.

Magnus James successfully place experienced Security experts into our clients. Our experts are up to date and stay on the ball with regards to the latest threats. With their knowledge they can protect a business and keep systems running smoothly and reliably.

Software Testing

The 21st century organization needs to bring testing upfront in the delivery life-cycle to provide rapid feedback, build a safety net of automated tests to allow rapid changes in application and involve users early to build the right value tests. To do these they need to invest in multi-skilled testing professionals trained in cutting edge test methodologies.

Testers alone can’t bring efficiency in testing. For that there needs to be an increase in collaboration between testers and business experts, testers and developers and testers and end users


Every organisation that manages data using a database management system (DBMS) requires a database administration group to oversee and assure the proper usage and deployment of the company’s data and databases.

With the growing mountain of data and the need to organize that data effectively to deliver value to the business, most modern organisations use a DBMS for their most critical data. So, the need for database administrators (DBAs) is greater today than ever before

Web Design

The first impression left by a website is often the only one you have to catch potential customers. Once on a site, web readers will take only a few seconds to decide if it is worth their time to click through.

Poor design, a confusing interface and slow load times influence people to click the back button. When readers bounce, not only do you lose a customer, your search engine standing can be affected as well.

Magnus James have a substantial network of Web Designers who are using cutting edge technologies which get the most out of a website.

Software Development

Agile, Continuous Integration, SOA… software development is surrounded by ever evolving technologies and “must have” development practices/principles.

Through continuous research and industry knowledge Magnus James Technology maintain a good understanding to deliver the most current technology advances within software development to help address our clients’ toughest challenges.


SAP or Systems Applications Products in data processing is the leader in Enterprise Applications.
The company was started by ex IBM employees in the 1970’s with the aim to become the most innovative ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software in the world.

“SAP helps companies manage their business”. It does this by making everything quicker and easier.

More than 70% of all Fortune 100 companies use SAP as their core ERP software, and more than 50% of all Fortune 500 companies.

SAP has created a tremendous amount of jobs throughout the world and has given companies massive ROI while using their systems.

With SAP being at the forefront of their business, Magnus James needs to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Staying up to date with what is happening in the technology market is key to us being able to work closely with our clients, offer advice and solutions to recruitment needs.

UX / UI Design

Business’s need to keep hold of their customers. It’s hard enough to attract people, then you need to keep hold of them. Ranked highly in customer surveys is usability and ease of use whilst interacting on websites. The experience needs to be slick and pleasurable to the consumer as this will leave a lasting impression on the customer and encourage a completed purchase and returning customers.
Magnus James are able to supply permanent and contract UX / UI experts to help your company achieve what is needed to generate more business.


Both SEO and PPC are part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). This is one of the tools you can use in your overall Internet Marketing campaign.
Getting this right can increase the traffic to your website which ultimately transfers into results for your company.
Unfortunately there is no shortcut to succeeding in this, so it’s always better to employ an expert to do this for you.
Magnus James is very successful in placing SEO and PPC experts across the UK so if you feel you would benefit from this please give one of our consultants a call.

Account Management

Account Managers can be the face of your company. Getting this wrong can ruin your brand and reputation that may have taken years to build up. When employing a good Account Manager you will need someone who not only has excellent communication skills but has the ability to build and process a coherent strategy with a client whilst managing any problems or mishaps as they occur. This can make or break the trust you have worked so hard in building up.
Magnus James has been successful in placing remarkable Account Managers time and time again who are trusted to keep business relationships running smoothly.

Digital Creative Designers

Creative design is used to promote a company, or its product and services. Creative Designers usually work across a number of different areas, including print, broadcasting, video/motion graphics and advertising. Some creative designers specialize in artwork for publications or websites, others specialize in electronic design, and others specialize in commercial design. But no matter the industry, creative designers are an important part of helping a company build an identity and ultimately, remain profitable.

Whether you are a candidate looking for the next opportunity or a client that would like to recruit a new team or an individual member of staff, Magnus James’ experienced consultants can assist you.

In an industry that is constantly changing, we know your business needs will change but our passion and commitment won’t.

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