Magnus James aim to effectively streamline the recruitment process for its clients and candidates in the most effective and efficient ways possible.

Recruitment Options


As well as offering an excellent contingency recruitment service, Magnus James also offers three other assignment methods – all of which will add value to your recruitment process.

  • Retained Advice
  • Monthly Retainer
  • Head Hunting

This is the service most of our clients use – A retained assignment is a recruitment solution that offers our clients dedicated resources, to ensure that their critical vacancy is filled as quickly as possible with a highly qualified candidate.

It is preferable in cases where a company has a pressing important position that requires a candidate who will hold key leadership responsibilities and whose services are integral to overall organisational success. It is also a better solution when the position is difficult to fill and a contingency search has tried and failed.

Whether you are recruiting for a CEO, Project Director, Project Manager, Engineering Manager, Discipline Manager Etc. with particular project experience or a specific skill set, you will find Magnus James’ Retained Search offers an unrivalled commitment to service delivery and the fulfilment of your needs. It is a highly effective, flexible and less prescriptive recruitment solution to sourcing the very best employees.

For more information on our Retained Assignment service please view our PDF.

This is beneficial to clients who have long term and consistent recruitment plans to make multiple hires. Magnus James will agree a monthly fee with you which will retain our services for an agreed period of time. This guarantees prioritisation from a dedicated team of consultants at Magnus James.

You will receive the highest level of candidate CV’s as well as weekly updates, market information and salary reviews. We would meet up with you on a regular basis, and could also discuss the option of having a Magnus James consultant working in your office.

This is a great way for you to save money as the more people you hire the cheaper this becomes. It also ensures your recruitment process is carried out as quickly and efficiently as you need.

Magnus James takes on specific head hunting assignments to suit individual clients. We can work together to identify where you would like us to attract potential candidates from and then we do the rest. This can be a time consuming process but can deliver fantastic results.

Please note that unfortunately it is Magnus James’s policy not to Head Hunt from our existing network of clients.

Flexible Terms

Magnus James are very open to new ways of working with our clients, and we understand that although our Contingency & Retained assignments both offer a great service – some people like working to different terms.