Moving Abroad Tips


Ask yourself why you are considering working overseas or relocating for a job. Set yourself a medium and long term objective and stick to it.


You need to research the location as much as possible. Most of the time you will visit the location for interviews, but with Skype being more widely used for interviews these days it is possible you may get offered a job without physically setting foot on the ground in the new location.

You can research the location via the internet but sometimes the internet can give biased views. Forum users only tend to write about negative experiences – all the thousands of happy people, don’t often feel the need to log on and write about the good things. This is the same for things such as holiday reviews etc!

If and when possible try and speak to someone who already lives and works in that location, this way you can ask important questions that will support your decision.


There are some very interesting cities in the world which make excellent holiday and working destinations. You may have even visited the potential location previously whilst on holiday. However, you are moving abroad for work and not for holiday so it will not feel quite the same, therefore you need to prepare yourself for the difference. You can still enjoy all the nice things as you did whilst on holiday but the majority of your time will be at work.


Most of the time the move goes smoothly and the job is everything you expect it to be and more. However sometimes like with everything you may experience teething problems, either work related or personal. Now is the time to remember your main objective as to why you moved abroad. Stick to it and give the new location / job time. Things will settle down, you will find your feet at work and you will find your way around the new city. It is important not to make any quick decisions whilst you are potentially feeling homesick.


If you ever have any problems please pick up the phone to your agent. Magnus James consultants are very experienced and have placed hundreds of people in overseas positions. It is our job to not only place you in your new position, but to be there to support you through your transition. We try and keep in touch as much as possible but are always available should you have an issue. Most issues can be sorted out after a conversation with one of us – we are here to help.