Project Engineer Dubai

I am a Project Engineer with ten (10) years experience and was at the stage in my life where I felt to be stretched and seek new opportunities outside of my home country. I had posted my resume online and Magus James were the second employment agency to contact me with a potential offer to be relocated to the UAE. Director James Vercesi spoke to me directly about the opportunity. He interviewed me to understand more of what was on my resume, what my strengths were and what I was looking for out of the job change. He was very professional and provided clear and excellent guidance on the employer, salary and job expectations. Following the interview with the company, which he arranged, he kept engaged and provided personal advice on how to structure my timing with my resignation, shipment of personal belongings, etc. to ensure that the transition was comfortable for my family, even though this is not part of their business he was still competent on the subject of relocation and advised on what I needed to do. Magnus James stands out to me a expert in their field. They have demonstrated to me that their personnel have all the right qualities needed in this industry where there’s high competition for quality people, a lot of qualified people on the market and companies need to ensure that the right people are sourced for the right job. Thank you Magus James for making my journey a success.